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This is a unique opportunity to work for a mid-size company that feels like a family-owned funeral home. At Legacy Funeral Group we make available many of the benefits offered by our larger competitors, but in a non-corporate environment that is focused on our client families. Here our focus is always to Make It Personal© and serve one family at a time.

Position Highlights:
The Funeral Director and Embalmer (mortician) will be responsible for caring for the deceased in a respectful manner while facilitating a variety of tasks including funeral arrangements, embalming, removals and transfers, cosmetology, dressing, hairstyling, casketing, and any other preparation required for the deceased. The successful candidate will have a current funeral director and embalming license in the applicable state and knowledge of the current regulations related to the funeral industry.

What you will do:
• Manage daily operations of funeral home.
• Meet with client families to ensure all services are performed to the highest level of customer satisfaction.
• Manage and hire employees at the location.
• Perform all duties in adherence to company policies and guidelines.
• Perform all duties in adherence to current laws and regulations related to the funeral industry.
• Facilitate funeral arrangements with tact and diplomacy by listening to client families and presenting them with personalized service and merchandise options.
• Complete all tasks resulting from funeral arrangement conference.
• Deliver high quality services in challenging scenarios while making decisions on the best course of action to uphold families’ needs without impacting the quality of the service.
• Enhance market share and relationships with the community by networking and participating in community events, groups, and/or organizations.
• Embalm and cosmetize decedents to achieve proper preservation and a natural appearance.
• Maintain open and effective communication with employees and client families to achieve the highest level of customer service.
• Lead all post service follow-up as needed.
• Liaise between hospitals, physicians, county coroner, and members of clergy to coordinate final arrangements.
• Handle initial transfers of decedents and vehicle maintenance.
• Manage paperwork, including permits and certifications in a timely manner in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
• Conduct and attend funeral services.
• Work on-call, first call, in rotation as assigned.
• Other duties as needed and/or as assigned by the Manager.

What you will need:
• Current funeral director and embalmer licenses or certifications if required by state regulations.
• 2+ years of funeral industry experience.
• Knowledge of current federal, state, and local regulations related to the funeral industry.
• Exceptional oral and written communication skills.
• Experience in handling sensitive situations in a professional manner.