Student Organizations


Commonwealth encourages student participation in campus governance through the Commonwealth Institute Student Council.  Student representatives, from each class cohort, are selected by each class to participate in the campus wide committee.  The Student Council organizes various campus/community activities throughout the year and also gives the student body a collective voice to address concerns and issues.

The National Funeral Service Honor Society is also represented on the campus.  The purpose of the honor society is to offer service and leadership to CIFS, as well as promote academics and fellowship among all students enrolled at Commonwealth.

The Honor Society members sponsor study groups, assist as hosts at graduation and other college functions, and assist Commonwealth’s recruiting efforts.  Membership is by invitation and open to students who are enrolled fulltime, with a GPA of 3.5 or higher for any grading period.  Dues and other criteria are set by the honor society itself.

A faculty member is assigned as an advisor to each the Honor Society and the Student Council.  Activities vary from year to year, and events are planned with the student body’s interest and schedules in mind. All activities planned by the Honor Society or Student Council are coordinated through the faculty sponsors with approval from the administration.


This award is presented to the member of the National Funeral Service Honor Society who has shown the greatest improvement in grade point average during the academic year.  The award is named in honor of the Honor Society’s charter President and the former Dean of Academics at CIFS.

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