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Final examinations will be scheduled during the last portion of each academic quarter.  All final examinations will be comprehensive. Since a final examination is required as part of the final grade, all students must take the final examination to complete each course in which they are enrolled.  Students arriving late for a final exam will be deducted 10% of the possible points for the exam, regardless of actual earned score. 


Students are provided a report of academic progress upon completion of each quarter.  Online and campus students may view their course grades at any time on each individual course; thereby monitoring academic progress.  At the midpoint of each term, faculty and/or administration confer and advise with anyone struggling academically.  Official transcripts may be ordered using the transcript request form on the school website and submitting the required fee.  A student with an outstanding financial obligation to the college or in default on federal student aid programs, will have transcript(s) withheld until the debt is paid.  No student academic information will be distributed until all financial obligations have been satisfied.

To earn the AAS degree, the student must fulfill all requirements for the General Education Core of 24 quarter/16 semester hours as outlined below, plus the Specialized and Related Courses.

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The PLP in Drafting Legislation, Regulation, and Policy has been offered by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies with considerable success since 2004.