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Admission Policies

Commonwealth Admission Policies

The minimum standards for admission to the programs at Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service, require that each applicant:

  • Be a graduate of an accredited four-year high school (or hold a GED certificate recognized by the state education department);
  • Meet the licensure requirements of the state in which the individual plans to seek initial licensure.
* The Associate of Applied Science Degree and the Certificate in Funeral Directing Program will require the successful completion of the General Education Core. These courses may be taken at Commonwealth Institute or transferred in from a regionally accredited college or university. Refer to Transfer Credit and General Education Core for additional information.

Those students showing the greatest promise for success, based on demonstrated academic ability, will receive first consideration for admission. The admissions committee may also consider such factors as students’ backgrounds, achievements, honors, and work histories in making its decision.

Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service Course

Audit Policy

If an individual wants to officially register for a class without earning a letter grade or credit, the course may be scheduled as an audit AFTER ALL STUDENTS REGISTERING FOR CREDIT HAVE BEEN ACCOMMODATED. The cost incurred is the same as if the course were taken for credit (exceptions may exist for past graduates of the Institute). Title IV Financial aid funds and V.A. benefits cannot be applied to audited courses.

Academic Requirements

  1. Non-student auditors must adhere to Institute policies governing dress code, behavior, harassment and discrimination.
  2. Auditors may be required to participate fully in the class. Expectations should be clarified with the course instructor at the start of the quarter.
  3. Restrictions on admission to courses with educationally necessary prerequisites and with extensive laboratory or clinical activities may be imposed, with room always for reasonable exceptions.
  4. No person who is ineligible for readmission by reason of his/her having been dropped from the Institute for scholastic or other reasons shall be eligible to audit classes.
  5. Auditors are permitted to ask to participate in graded activities, such as homework, group projects, laboratories, and exams. The instructor is not required to grade any written assignments that may be submitted by an auditor.

Scheduling an Audit

A course may be dropped for credit and added for audit or dropped for audit and added for credit only with permission of the instructor and Dean of Academics, and if all requirements for admission as a student are met. A non-student auditor may audit courses for a period not to exceed two academic quarters.

Impact of an Audit on the Student’s Record and Enrollment Status

A course scheduled for audit will appear on the auditor’s record with the symbol “AU” if attendance was regular or “W” if the attendance was unsatisfactory. Commonwealth Institute may make changes in policies, procedures, educational offerings, and requirements at any time. Please consult the Dean of Academics for more detailed information.

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